Chicken Lines

Model lines available through NARF:

Natural mutation and closed outbred lines Description
Talpid3 This population is a resource for the investigation of ciliopathies in an avian model which further demonstrates to utility of avians for investigation of developmental abnormalities.
Advanced Intercross (AIL) Maintained as heterozygotes for CCKAR that explains the largest growth QTL in poultry. Alleles for the CCKAR locus alter the appetite/gut development of the birds and subsequently their growth. Results derived from AIL pivotal in the Dunn group obtaining a completed BBSRC grant in the area of food intake.
Roslin-Broiler The Roslin-broiler represents one of the only Broiler-type populations available for research purposes. Based on an F7 of commercial US genetic material, previously maintained by Cobb-Vantress and shared under MTA.
Quail Model species of choice for the investigation of many studies including: photoperiodism/seasonal breeding, early life stress, neuroendocrinology and behaviour, control of food intake, social behaviour/social network analysis, maternal behaviour, sexual behaviour, bone strength physiology, avian welfare and some genetic studies.

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